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Blog Roll: Musings

internapoli city - Italian blog of quirky musings, comes with translator into your language

One Face in the Crowd

The Crusty Curmudgeon - witty, sarcastic and skewed views of news and American culture

synch-ro-ni-zing - chatty musings about everything and anything

be yourself...everyone else is taken

Shrink Rap - where psychiatrists sound off about what's going on in their worlds, they are people too!

Love the Liberry - tell-all as librarian deals with the public

Dark Roasted Blend - odd, weird and funny!

a view to inspirations - good for creativity

Square-Peg Reflections - square peg living in a round hole world

Nina P's Thoughts and Musings

Adventures of a Grocery Clerk

Time's Fool

What I Just Read - book reviews and book lists

Daily Poetics - even mundane design found in life has a poetic value

somewhere under the sky - highly eclectic and smart

the sobsister - all the caustic wit you can handle! (some profanity)

The Nahmias Cipher Report | Africa | Art | Politics | True Stories

Will Anyone Pay Attention to Us? - Personal Stress Relief from Economic, Environmental Issues

A Wanderer's Thoughts...

coffeeyogurt - quirky feminist personal political blog by unnamed psychologist

MAL's MURMURINGS [aka Broad Thoughts From Heterocon] - Windows Live

@ FarrukhSiddiqui - Pakistan Sufi (supports the rights of women)

Always Musing

From Smiler, with Love.

Zuzanna's Blog - wonderful romantic music and lovely poetry with her musings, translation from Polish to English available


Changing Crow & Co.

One Million Peace Signs

Devans Cosmos

Lisa Light - free lance writer on humor, fluff and lighter side of being a woman

Local Motion Miami

Dagorret - from Argnetina, in English

ArtMusing's Blog

A Year in Manhattan - photos and commentary about living in New York City

Rare Art, Poetry, Literature and Everything Else

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Blogs About Books

Education and Learning Blogs

Poetry Blogs

Writing Blogs

Life Coaching Blogs

Travel Blogs