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28 January 2014

A Truth Journal: Jon Stewart Applauds No NSA Reforms Proposed By President Obama

Jon Stewart Obama NSA

A Truth Journal: Jon Stewart Applauds No NSA Reforms Proposed By President Obama:

2 funny videos.
From Denny:
 Were you all waiting anxiously on the edge of your seat for President Obama to announce the historical sweeping NSA reforms?  Yeah, me too.  I went to bed early because we all knew the Obama reforms were a non-starter.

Looks like even America's comics agree with me.  Gee, for all my fussing and cussing at the NSA trolls harassing me as both a journalist and an annoying NSA critic (to them) complaining of their incompetence, I noticed today they had returned to their usual WTF stalking.  Yes, DNI Clapper, your NSA gremlins did not obey you for long when you told them to lay off journalists and me in particular.

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