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23 June 2015

A Truth Journal: The How of World Hate: 9 Christians Killed For What in South Carolina?

A Truth Journal: The How of World Hate: 9 Christians Killed For What in South Carolina?: From Denny:  It really is past due time to get serious about dealing with the issue of World Hate.  Black people think it's "just" about historical racism aimed squarely at them.  Well, that's true - and it's also an ugly part of a much larger and more pervasive problem destroying humanity from within.

Hate is like an invasive weed that chokes out the sunlight and dries up all the nutrients and water that gives Life to the surrounding plants.  Think of this scenario in terms of a nation or a religion and the consequences are staggering...

Time To Love Iphone 6 Tough Case

Oppose Hate in the world: "Love like you nothing better to do with your time." - Denny Lyon
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